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10 November 2017 year, 09:44:58
The Millionth Subscriber is Registered in UZMOBILE GSM Network
National mobile operator of Uzbekistan UZMOBILE held a unique festive campaign called the “Millionth subscriber”. On November 9, in front of wide public and representatives of media, the millionth subscriber joined UZMOBILE GSM network. Who will it be - he or she, a student or a housewife, a young girl or a respectable teacher, remained a mystery until the last moment.
9 November 2017 year, 09:44:58
Production Companies of “Uzbektelecom” JSC Invite to Visit Their Stands at “Made in Uzbekistan” Exhibition
From 7 to 9 November this year the exhibition of the achievements of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Made in Uzbekistan” is held in the Central pavilion of “UzExpoCenter” JSC NEC. Five production companies of “Uzbektelecom” JSC at once represent their products in the third pavilion of “UzExpoCenter” JSC NEC and invite visitors to see the equipment produced by them in Uzbekistan.  
From 26.05.2015 till 31.12.2015
“Uzbektelecom” JSC Announces an Offer: “Provision of “Home gateway” Terminal Equipment for Free”
Terms of the offer “Provision of “Home gateway” terminal equipment for free”.